Port bagging machine

  • Mobile bagging machine
  • Mobile bagging machine
  • Mobile bagging machine
Mobile bagging machine Mobile bagging machine Mobile bagging machine

Mobile bagging machine

  • Product description: Mobile weighting and bagging machine 20-50KG

Receiving hopper is placed on the top of container bagging machine.It is used for receivingmaterial by grab. It can bear high force from big hopper and the grab of 10 ton. It is connected to bagging maching with twistlocks.A machine comprises DCS Bagging scales, container, Feed hopper, Weighting controller, power distribution box, chain and board  conveyor,  bag  closing  machine,

pneumatic system, dust extraction system and air compressor. All equipment(as above) is

mounted with in containers.Tow axles, one fixed and one pivoted, are fitted beneath the container, the container maybe move on the harbor or goods field.There are two weighing bagging line in the

containers. Every weighing-bagging Line maybe run independently. GBM portable 25/50kg bagging unit harbor Weighing and Bagging Machine

Design drawing:

l Design Requirement

Ø Handling Materials Characteristics

² Variety of solid granular bulk cargo : (soy beans rice corn--fertizer )

² Density : 700-1200kg/m3

² Size(mm):  Rice, 8x2 max, Corn, 10x15 max, cylindrical pellets 6x15 max

² Material Liquidity:Ordinary .

² Angle of repose:

² Temperature  (25℃)

Ø  Packing Bag

²  Open Mouth Bag

² PP, fabric woven bag

Ø Empty Bag Size : 840~1000(L)×530~620(W)mm

Ø Parameters

² Bag Weight :25~50kg/bag

² Packing Speed :600-750bags/hour(Depends on the material flow characteristics and packing net weight )

² Division Value (d)20g

² Weighing  Accuracy     :±0.1%(static)     ±0.2%(dynamic)

±0.5%(dynamic loaded by touch open type grab)

Feeding Type :

automatic weighing → manual sack→ automatic feeding → human assistance → machine stitch

²  Working Environment (Outdoor salty fog and dust shall be taken into account in its design and technology )

² Temperature :-20℃-+55 ℃;

² Humidity:< 95%(without condensation)

² Wind Speed : < 20m/s( outdoor working )

Ø Power Supply

² Voltage : 3Ph,380V±15%,50Hz±5%

Ø Material Details

Material of structural parts : structural parts and direct touch parts are made of 304SS,others are made of high quality carbon steel

² Material of purchased components: pneumatic components is made of non stainless steel structure according to standard configuration

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