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  • Container bagging machine
Container bagging machineContainer bagging machine

Container bagging machine

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  • Product description: Container bagging machine

l Design Requirement

Ø Handling Materials Characteristics

² Variety of solid granular bulk cargo : (soy beans rice corn--fertizer )

² Density : 700-1200kg/m3

² Size(mm):  Rice, 8x2 max, Corn, 10x15 max, cylindrical pellets 6x15 max

² Material Liquidity:Ordinary .

² Angle of repose:

² Temperature  (25℃)

Ø  Packing Bag

²  Open Mouth Bag

² PP, fabric woven bag

Ø Empty Bag Size : 840~1000(L)×530~620(W)mm

Ø Parameters

² Bag Weight :25~50kg/bag

² Packing Speed :600-750bags/hour(Depends on the material flow characteristics and packing net weight )

² Division Value (d)20g

² Weighing  Accuracy     :±0.1%(static)     ±0.2%(dynamic)

±0.5%(dynamic loaded by touch open type grab)

Feeding Type :

automatic weighing → manual sack→ automatic feeding → human assistance → machine stitch

²  Working Environment (Outdoor salty fog and dust shall be taken into account in its design and technology )

² Temperature :-20℃-+55 ℃;

² Humidity:< 95%(without condensation)

² Wind Speed : < 20m/s( outdoor working )

Ø Power Supply

² Voltage : 3Ph,380V±15%,50Hz±5%

Ø Material Details

Material of structural parts : structural parts and direct touch parts are made of 304SS,others are made of high quality carbon steel

² Material of purchased components: pneumatic components is made of non stainless steel structure according to standard configuration

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