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Mobile Rail hopper

1Project Name and Content

1.1.Truck-discharging system

1.2.Production Capacity:600-800t/h

2System Introduction

This equipment is applied to discharge many kinds of materials and load into truck,take the materials through portal crane or belt conveyor,then the grab will put the material into the hopper,then the materials will be discharged into the truck through the hopper.

1,the lower discharging mouth is equipped with electric putter to control the flow of the capacity of materials to ensure the operating safely.

2,telescopic slip barrel of discharging mouth has inner and outer structure,has exhaust opening,can handle the dust when the materials were discharging into the truck

3,the upper of the hopper will be added 4 exhaust openings, can deal with the dust when the discharging the materials into the hopper

4,This is mobile hopper(diesel generator power), connect power through  the towing plate.

3material characteristics

material nameGrain,Coal,fertilizer

material density0.82.7t/m3

material moisture :According

material particle :According

material repose angle:According

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