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Shanghai Jetski Machinery Equipment co.,ltd

is a global reputed Bulk loading and unloading machinery specialist, with more than 15 years experience in Ship cranes,Port Hopper, Port mobile bagging machine,Grabs design, R&D, and manufacturing .Highly educated professionals in steel structure, hydraulic and electric system make JSK machinery competitive in world-wide markets.

JSK machinery has the most popular grabs, hoppers ,cranes for bulk carriers among ship owners and ports. With stable and excellent performance, remote control grab ,Hoppers ,cranes ,bagging machinery gets many praises from global customers. By improvements on hydraulic system and cable reel system, motor hydraulic grab’s oil and cable reel system temperature has been effectively controlled, it can ensure JSK machinery work for 24 hours without stop. The welded construction has been recognized by Lloyd’s. The products have got third party certificates like CCS, ABS, NK, BV, LR, SGS etc.

JSK machinery have been used in domestic and overseas ports,Ships, bulk carriers, power plants, cement factory,steel mills, environmental power plants, railway, chemical factory, paper mill, dredging and other more than 10 industries. JSK machinery have been exported to Germany, Greece, the United State, Russia, Singapore, Indonesia, Mexico, Paraguay,Brazil, Chile, Australia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong, and other countries and regions.

Various high standard kinds of Bulk loading and unloading machinery always can satisfy different working conditions by clients’ requirements.

Shanghai Jetski Machinery Equipment co.,ltd looks forward to growing with you!


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